BRONZE: ZETSUAI since 1989

Plot Summary: Famous rockstar Kouji Nanjou has fallen in love with Izumi Takuto, a soccer player with dreams of seeing "real" soccer in Italy. In angsty boy-love fashion, the story consists of Kouji stopping at nothing to have Izumi stay with him, Izumi dealing with his feelings until the time comes where he has no choice but to decide, and all the other things the two must face and the problems from Kouji's family. (Source: ANN)

Type: fall 1996 Anime

Date aired: 1996-12-04

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sports, Boys Love

Released: 1996

Status: Completed

Other name: BRONZE: ZETSUAI since 1989, BRONZE: ZETSUAI since

BRONZE: ZETSUAI since 1989

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