Cosmic Fantasy

Plot Summary: Yuu and Saya are two of the top Cosmic Hunters in the galaxy, and Yuu is enjoying a bit of fame after his most recent adventure. The two are on a date when they are interrupted from a distress signal from their "ally", the feline pervert Nyan. In the meantime, the space pirate Belga begins attacking space freighters in an attempt to lure out Yuu, so she can take him to bed with her. Of course, when he spurns her, she decides that if she can't have him, then no one can. (Source: AnimeNfo)

Type: summer 1994 Anime

Date aired: 1994-08-25

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance

Released: 1994

Status: Completed

Other name: Cosmic Fantasy: Ginga Mehyou no Wana,

Cosmic Fantasy

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