Crayon Shin-Chan: Den-O vs. Shin-O

Plot Summary: A sixty minute special of the Crayon Shin-chan anime featuring a crossover between Shin-chan and the live action tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Den-O, as well as three normal summer-themed episodes. The Den-O characters are drawn in the style of Shin-chan's regular characters. Another thing of note, inbetween commercial breaks, clips of a live action Shin-Chan onboard the Den-Liner or with characters from the Kamen Rider Den-O Series were shown. In most of these scenes it involves the Owner giving Shin a speech of sorts or making Shin feel uncomfortable.

Type: summer 2007 Anime

Date aired: 2007-08-03

Genre: Action, Comedy, Seinen

Released: 2007

Status: Completed

Other name: Crayon Shin-chan Manatsu no Yoru ni Ora Sanjou! Arashi wo Yobu Den-O vs. Shin-O 60-bu Special!!,

Crayon Shin-Chan: Den-O vs. Shin-O

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