Dream Racers (Dub)

Plot Summary: A few years ago, the team led by Long Ze, known as one of the city's three masters, lost to the Titans who used conspiracy to win. Today, in order to be able to defeat the invincible Titan, Long Ze’s child, Long Ran, Long Xiang, took the journey of gathering partners. The two looked for the predecessors of the year and the current strong, overcoming various difficulties and invited them to return and enter. After that, under the strong training of Dr. Warring States, Long Ran and his partners got a huge improvement. Fight with the Beast God team and become a comrade-in-arms. In the end, in the battle with the Titans, through various difficulties and tests, and achieved the final victory. (translated from douban)

Type: unknown 2021 Anime

Date aired:


Released: 2021

Status: Completed

Other name: Mengxiang Jing Su (Dub),

Dream Racers (Dub)

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