Dream Town (Dub)

Plot Summary: This is a lyrical series full of emotion, warmth and sweetness as the main tone, but the details are full of humor. The themes of the stories are mainly emotional education, aesthetic education and moral education. The age-appropriate objects are preschool children and lower grades of elementary school. In the beautiful Dream Town, the protagonist Mimi and Peas are good friends, but they also often have some small conflicts, or they will do something together to achieve an idealized purpose, the story Therefore, it unfolds, and the mouse Ada who knows a little magic is often the opposite of them. Other characters such as Mr. Frog and Miss Toad, Dinosaur Fanfan and Hero Tiger Brother, as well as the special character Jack Raven all add an active, warm and humorous atmosphere to the performance of the story, making the story full of beautiful imagination and lyrical style.(translated from douban)

Type: fall 2010 Anime

Date aired: 2010-11

Genre: Kids

Released: 2010

Status: Airing

Other name: Menghuan Zhen (Dub),

Dream Town (Dub)

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