Girls und Panzer der Film (Dub)

Plot Summary: Having won the 63rd National Sensha-dou tournament, the girls from Ooarai High managed to prevent their school from closure by the Japanese Ministry of Education. However, new troubles loom on the horizon: a ministry official argues that the deal was not legally binding and that the Ooarai school carrier is to be decommissioned. Students and their families are frustrated with this injustice and overwhelmed with despair; it seems little can be done to save the school. Their last glimmer of hope is a proposed match against the All-Stars University Sensha-dou team, consisting of the most talented students from all over the country. Despite Ooarai being severely outnumbered and clearly outclassed, they accept the challenge.

Type: fall 2015 Anime

Date aired: 2015-11-21

Genre: Action, Sports

Released: 2015

Status: Completed

Other name: Girls und Panzer (Movie) (Dub),

Girls und Panzer der Film (Dub)

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