I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators

Plot Summary: The story is about a student, Jiangbei, who fought valiantly at the subway station and was blessed by the system. Fortunately, he hosts the system and travels to another world. In this different world filled with cultivators, Jiangbei had gone from being a trash in a small town to a genius child in everyone's eyes. Relying on the system, Jiangbei had started the path of improvement and became stronger just by playing treasures, and upsetting people. After a series of chaos and poetry battles, Jiangbei gradually developed feelings for his relatives here.

Type: summer 2021 Anime

Date aired: 2021-08-19

Genre: Fantasy

Released: 2021

Status: Airing

Other name: Wo Qi Ku Le Baiwan Xiulianzhe,

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators

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