Judge (Dub)

Plot Summary: Hoichiro Ohma works in an office. Everybody knows him as a silent, humble man. Even his girlfriend, Nanase, doesn't suspect that he could be something more, but he is. When a person dies as a victim of murder; when someone kills himself with a curse on his lips; when someone's death needs to be judged, he is there, for he is a Judge Of Darkness. Following the Laws Of Darkness, with a book made of human skin and an unusual parrot, he pronounces judgement over living criminals that would otherwise go free. (Source: ANN)

Type: spring 1991 Anime

Date aired: 1991-06-15

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Horror, Seinen

Released: 1991

Status: Completed

Other name: Yami no Shihosha Judge (Dub),

Judge (Dub)

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