Kinnikuman: Gyakushuu! Uchuu Kakure Choujin

Plot Summary: As the whole world watches the Choujin Rugby game on TV, the "Underground Space Emperor" Hydra King has his Underground Space Supermen kidnap Robin Mask. Their aim is to lure out the Seigi Choujins and then attack them using the Robin Memo, which contains info on all of the Seigi Choujin's weaknesses. Watching on TV all over the world, Kinnikuman and the Seigi Choujins get together and head for Planet Hydra.

Type: summer 1985 Anime

Date aired: 1985-07-13

Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Sports

Released: 1985

Status: Completed

Other name: Kinnikuman: Gyakushuu! Uchuu Kakure Choujin,

Kinnikuman: Gyakushuu! Uchuu Kakure Choujin

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