Koisuru Shirokuma: Tokubetsu-ban

Plot Summary: Shochiku began streaming a new short for the for the "petit anime" of Koisuru Shirokuma. The new short, titled "Hyouheki Don" (Ice Wall Slam), is a web-only exclusive, and cannot be seen in theaters unlike the other shorts. The short begins with Seal attempting to escape the sleeping Polar Bear, still fearing that Polar Bear will eat him. But before Seal can get far, Polar Bear wakes up and runs to him. Seal pleads to Polar Bear not to eat him, but Polar Bear instead performs a kabe-don on Seal with a nearby ice wall.

Type: fall 2017 Anime

Date aired: 2017-11-01

Genre: Comedy, Josei

Released: 2017

Status: Airing

Other name: Koisuru Shirokuma: Tokubetsu-ban,

Koisuru Shirokuma: Tokubetsu-ban

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