Magic Eye Adventures (Dub)

Plot Summary: Tianyan took blog posts, champions, Xiangling, and a beautiful party on a cosmic journey. By coincidence, he encountered a black hole and made an emergency landing on the destroyed planet-Kadios, a new type of planet with mysterious high-tech. And temporarily settled in the human camp—the homeland. However, there is no peace here. The "Homeland" alliance representing humans and the "Black Iron Base" representing rebel robots form a confrontation between the two camps in Cadios. Their victory or defeat determines the future destiny of Cadios. For this reason, Tianyan and his friends formed a task force to carry out this difficult task. In the end, the eyes of the sky lived up to the expectations, released the power of the eyes of the sky, defeated the Explosive Spirit King, and flew back to his homeland-the earth. (translated from douban)

Type: summer 2012 Anime

Date aired: 2012-07

Genre: Adventure, Kids, Sci-Fi

Released: 2012

Status: Completed

Other name: Tianyan Zhi Zhan (Dub),

Magic Eye Adventures (Dub)

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