Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime (Dub)

Plot Summary: Episode 1: "Bloodline of the Shinobi" Van is an energetic and athletically gifted youngster known for his incredible skills on the basketball court. One night, after waking from a nightmare, Van jumps on his bike and hurries across town to see his father… and arrives just in time to witness his dad being attacked by a ninja! Episode 2: "A Secret Eye" Lucy is a cheerful and considerate young girl who always looks after her friends. One day, while attempting to save a friend from some bullies, she inadvertently awakens her ninja powers. Alarmed and overwhelmed at her newly realized abilities, she attempts to hide them by avoiding people and shutting down emotionally.

Type: spring 2020 Anime

Date aired: 2020-06-23

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Released: 2020

Status: Completed

Other name: Ninjala Cartoon Anime (Dub),

Ninjala 2D Cartoon Anime (Dub)

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