Pokémon: Zoroark—Master of Illusions (Dub)

Plot Summary: The shapeshifting Pokémon Zorua and Zoroark are captured by a mysterious group intent on using their illusory powers for their own gain. They unleash Zoroark on Crown City, forcing her beforehand to take the form of Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, the guardians of the town. As Satoshi and his companions visit Crown City to watch the much-anticipated Pokémon Baccer World Cup, they encounter Zorua, who managed to escape captivity. At the same time, Zoroark goes on a rampage, unaware of Zorua's breakout. Disguised as the Legendary Beast Trio, she starts destroying the city and terrorizing its inhabitants. Will Satoshi manage to stop the deranged Pokémon before Crown City perishes? Will the sudden arrival of long-unseen Celebi change the outcome of the seemingly inevitable clash between Zoroark and the impersonated Legendary Beasts?

Type: summer 2010 Anime

Date aired: 2010-07-10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Kids

Released: 2010

Status: Completed

Other name: Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Genei no Hasha Zoroark (Dub),

Pokémon: Zoroark—Master of Illusions (Dub)

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