Shenshou Jingang Zhi Qinglong Zaixian

Plot Summary: "Shenshou Jingang Zhi Qinglong Zaixian" continues the story background of the "Mythical Beast King Kong" series of animations. It tells the story of a battle between the mythical beast team and the dark power of the alien planet Cursing the Emperor to defend the earth. The Emperor Shu Ming, who has been coveting the earth's water resources, summoned the ancient giant beasts on the earth-Fat Remains, and launched a larger-scale plundering offensive, but the five members of the monster team are the blue dragon superman Ye Hui and the unicorn superman Lin Cong. , Baihu Superman Zhang Li, Zhuque Superman Zhao Yan and Xuanwu Superman Chen Feng each showed their magical powers and started a new round of battle.(translated from douban)

Type: summer 2016 Anime

Date aired: 2016-09-15

Genre: Action, Kids, Sci-Fi

Released: 2016

Status: Completed

Other name: Shenshou Jingang Zhi Qinglong Zaixian,

Shenshou Jingang Zhi Qinglong Zaixian

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