Voltar the Invincible

Plot Summary: Dr. Kaff (or Dr. Cops; 카프 박사 in Korean), an evil scientist bent on world domination, creates an army of giant robots to kidnap world-class athletes and conquer the world. To fight off this attack, Dr. Kim creates Robot Taekwon V. Kim Hoon, the taekwon-do champion eldest son of Dr Kim, pilots Robot Taekwon V either mechanically or through his physical power by merging his taekwon-do movements with the robot. Comic relief is provided by Kim Hoon's younger buddy, elementary school student Kim Cheol. (Source: Wikipedia)

Type: summer 1976 Anime

Date aired: 1976-07-24

Genre: Action

Released: 1976

Status: Completed

Other name: Robot Taekwon V,

Voltar the Invincible

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