Votexity (Dub)

Plot Summary: There is a planet on which the ground is consists of racing tracks, racer drive their specially-made cars to participate in the Votex 4WD Championship and fulfill their dream. Rockin and Perot are partners among those racers. On their journey, the Viper Ranger, an evil group that always do ruthless things, dig a hole on the ground to trapped Rockin and Perot, while it trapped themselves as well. Beneath the hole there is a secret cave, Rockin, Perot and the Viper Ranger start a fierce battle here. Rockin and Perot gain victory with the help of a converted module.

Type: fall 2016 Anime

Date aired: 2016-11-11

Genre: Action, Adventure, Game, Cars

Released: 2016

Status: Airing

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Votexity (Dub)

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