Winds of Change (Dub)

Plot Summary: A magical blending of old and new, with colorful animation and an exciting disco/rock musical score, "Winds of Change" is a re-telling of 5 ancient Greek myths. These delightful cautionary tales are adapted from the classical author, Ovid, with a new character, called Wondermaker added. Wondermaker acts as our guide to each episode's meaning, and transforms himself into each of its heroes. First, he is Perseus cutting off the head of Medusa; then, Actaeon being turned into a deer for spying on the goddess Diana as she bathes; the god Mercury in a tale of envy; Orpheus descending into Hades for his love, Eurydice; and finally, Phaeton wreaking havoc with the sun-god's chariot.

Type: fall 1979 Anime

Date aired: 1979-10-27

Genre: Fantasy, Kids

Released: 1979

Status: Completed

Other name: Hoshi no Orpheus (Dub),

Winds of Change (Dub)

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