Yama no Susume: Kabette Kowakunai no?

Plot Summary: Aoi Yukimura and her friends decide to take on a new challenge: indoor rock climbing! However, the sight of the wall flusters Aoi, who frets over its height and complexity. Fortunately, Kaede Saitou is there to explain the rules of indoor climbing, inspiring the girls to give it a try themselves. Though the wall may seem intimidating and insurmountable, Aoi finds that with a little help from her friends, she may be able to overcome this challenge.

Type: spring 2013 Anime

Date aired: 2013-05-24

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life

Released: 2013

Status: Completed

Other name: Yama no Susume: Kabette Kowakunai no?,

Yama no Susume: Kabette Kowakunai no?

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