Yona of the Dawn OVA

Plot Summary: At a remote hot springs lodge, Yona and the team rest. The boys are taking a bath with the exception of Ki-ja, who looks troubled. Jae-ha takes this chance to tease him, unwittingly finding a mark linked to the previous White Dragon—whom coincidentally is also Ki-ja's father—prompting Ki-ja to recall their complicated relationship. In another time and place, Son Hak and the dragons banter as they hold a drinking contest. As they start to doze off one-by-one, Zeno dreams of his past, where his abilities and experiences, both as a person and as the Yellow Dragon, are revealed.

Type: summer 2015 Anime

Date aired: 2015-09-18

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Released: 2015

Status: Completed

Other name: Akatsuki no Yona OVA, Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn OVA

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