Yuzhou Xing Shen

Plot Summary: In 2401, the teenagers Di Lu, Yaoyao and Xiao An discovered a mysterious object from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy during an outing. The star of the galaxy contains an unsolved mystery in the universe. The curious Dilu decided to embark on a journey in the universe with two good friends to solve this ultimate secret. With the help of spaceship pilot Lily, they began to explore the nine planets of the solar system. With the help of the universe star gods, relying on courage and wisdom, they finally solved the unknown mystery of the Milky Way star. (translated from baidu baike)

Type: fall 2011 Anime

Date aired: 2011-11

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Kids

Released: 2011

Status: Airing

Other name: Yuzhou Xing Shen,

Yuzhou Xing Shen

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