Zheng He 1405: Mo Hai Xun Zong

Plot Summary: The young boy Qianlang and the girl Swallow explored the South China Sea. Suddenly, a typhoon struck the ship, and the two fell into the sea. Qian Lang found a strange blue and white porcelain on the bottom of the sea. The blue and white porcelain stores a large number of images of Zheng He's voyages to the West six hundred years ago. Under certain conditions, blue and white porcelain flashed Zheng He's voyage to the West. It turns out that this blue and white porcelain was the brush used by Zheng He when he wrote the "Logbook". The magical blue and white porcelain reappears the scenes of Zheng He's voyage and dangers and his nine deaths. Fierce beasts, violent waves, dangerous pirates, and inexplicable diseases have threatened Zheng He's fleet time and time again. However, under the command of Zheng He, the fleet united, worked together, and fought hard, they attacked wisely and turned good luck, smiling proudly all the way. (translated from douban)

Type: fall 2013 Anime

Date aired: 2013-11-29

Genre: Adventure

Released: 2013

Status: Completed

Other name: Zheng He 1405: Mo Hai Xun Zong,

Zheng He 1405: Mo Hai Xun Zong

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