Zheng He Xia Xiyang (Dub)

Plot Summary: Zheng He is a great navigator in the history of our country and even the history of the world. Seven voyages of the fleet, reaching more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, East Africa, etc. The number of ships, the tonnage of the ships, the large number of seafarers, the strict organization and equipment, and the advanced navigation technology The length of the voyage and the great influence were unparalleled in the world at that time. This film takes Zheng He's Seven Sails to the West as the main storyline, uses the unique wisdom, humor and imaginative storylines of cartoons, and colorful pictures to show the image of the nautical group with Zheng He as the core: smart, wise, and ambitious With the courageous navigator Zheng He, the Gangwu general Wu Baisheng, the mysterious fisherman old squid, the bizarre young Tao Tao, the explorer girl Fei Er, the loyal servant He Bide... these characters are combined together, both It embodies the peaceful, open, and exploratory spirit of Zheng He's voyages to the West, and also brings rich storytelling and entertainment to the audience. In the early years of the Ming Dynasty, Ming Chengzu ordered Zheng He to build treasure ships, recruit people, and go to the West. Zheng He gladly took the lead, led a huge fleet to set sail, and embarked on an unprecedented voyage. The treasure ship rides the wind and waves, advances day and night, rushes through the vortex of death, overcomes the tsunami, overcomes the plague and other difficulties, and has made friends with the local indigenous people to eliminate the war between Turkhul and Nansha. The treasure ship headed to Cor Rica. In the process of lack of water and searching for water, it dealt with the pirate leader Malach, and successfully re-entered the siege and reached the destination. In Corrica, Tao Tao happened to encounter Princess Fei Er, and together with Zheng He, he crushed the conspiracy of the Chinese teacher Xia Qi to usurp the throne, healed the terminal illness of the old king with Chinese medicine, defuse the war, established diplomatic relations, and added another fleet New member-Mayfair. On the way back to China, Zheng He learned that the pirate leader Malachi had held a pirate meeting to rob the treasure ship, so he hacked into it and made people entangled in it. The inside and outside should be combined, and the pirates on the island of desperation were completely eliminated. Zheng He has successfully completed the task of opening up sea lanes and establishing friendly relations with other countries. The envoys of various countries and the rare and exotic animals of various countries visiting with the ship also caused national shock and received the emperor's award. However, Zheng He has a regret in his heart, because there is still a wider sea area that he has not reached. The talented and roughly emperor understood Zheng He's intentions and ordered him to prepare to set sail again and spread the Chinese civilization to farther places. Zheng He's fleet set sail again. This is a new journey of pioneering. Death Labyrinth Island, Devil Seas, Magnet Island, and Dark Strait-new challenges have followed one after another. Zheng He's fleet used wisdom and courage to overcome dangers and left the "Zheng He Lighthouse" in the area. , "Zheng He Well"... promoted the exchange of civilizations between China and foreign countries. Finally, they came to a new continent-this is the magical continent of Africa. Zheng He asked the leader if this was the end of the sea, and the leader shook his head. Zheng He suddenly realized that whether he reached the end of the world was no longer important, but the important thing was to find himself. And he will lead the fleet, with the world’s benevolent, benevolent and gentle mind and tolerance, continue to visit those unknown countries, and spread the rain of peace, civilization, science, and friendship to the Western nations. The sea breeze was blowing Zheng He's pale hair, and his fleet set sail again...(translated from baidu baike)

Type: unknown 2012 Anime

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Genre: Kids

Released: 2012

Status: Airing

Other name: Zheng He Xia Xiyang (Dub),

Zheng He Xia Xiyang (Dub)

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